Going to War with my Fear of Writing

February 28, 2013

Writing makes me anxious. I haven’t written anything longer than 140 characters publicly.

I’m going to change that in 2013.

Here’s to not worrying about the exact right way to say something, and instead just focusing on getting my point across.

Here’s to not worrying about being judged for the dumb things I will inevitably say, and instead just feeling better for getting something off my chest.

Here’s to ignoring the egotistical feeling I get when I write about my insatiable desire to pursue more hobbies than necessary.

I’m not going to promise myself a certain frequency of writing. I’ll write when I feel like it.

I’ll write with a single mocha on the table and heavy metal playing in my headphones.

I will write about things that make me uncomfortable to write about because I believe in getting outside my comfort zone.

My eighth grade English teacher wore ankle-length dresses with tennis shoes and socks.

I’m not going to all the writing knowledge she imparted go to waste, dammit.

So here’s to dresses with tennis shoes, turning off my phone and laptop wi-fi, and beating down writing anxiety with a stick.

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